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Domestic Violence

Have you been accused by someone in your family, or someone you were in a relationship with of assaulting them.  Though these types of charges are usually misdemeanors, they can create large amounts of chaos in your life even if you get a favorable settlement in court.  A domestic assault conviction can not only give you a criminal record and face you with the possiliblity of serving time in jail, it may also disrupt your family life, cause you to lose parenting time with your children, or even custody, require you to undergo classes, treatment or counseling, remove your right to keep or carry a firearm and it could force you to move out of your residence depending on the circumstances.

Domestic assault charges are initiated every day.  Though there are true victims of domestic violence, an allegation can be easy to make and hard to refute.  Let a lawyer that has years of experience and dozens of domestic assault cases worked go to work for you.  Mr. Russ has been handling domestic assault charges in Nashville for over 10 years and has seen almost any scenario that you may face when accused of domestic violence.  In addition to having tried numerous domestic assault cases, Mr. Russ is also very familiar with the services provided in Davidson County that relate to domestic violence and can find ways to use those resources to your advantage when negotiating pleas, or conversing with the State over the requirements that you as a defendant will have to meet in order to insure the best possible outcome for you in your case.