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Drug Crimes

Mr. Russ has represented clients charged with drug offenses from misdemeanors all the way up to major drug conspiracies.  Drug crimes in Tennessee in many circumstances are treated as seriously as violent offenses, so one should not just expect to get a "slap on the wrist" for a first offense.  

There are many legal and Constitutional issues surrounding a drug charge including, but not limited to, search and seizure, right against self-incrimination, the use of wiretaps in investigation and want counts as "possession" under the law in Tennessee.  You should get an experienced lawyer in a drug case who knows how to press all of your claims forward and test the legality of the methods the police used to collect evidence in your case.

If you are charged with a drug offense in Tennessee, you need to consult with a lawyer whether its a felony or not because, if you have a substance abuse problem, you can receive multiple charges and convictions during the period when you are trying to get your addiction under control leaving you with a permanent criminal record even if you never sold anything.

Mr. Russ has handled virtually every scenario of drug case from misdemeanor marijuana possession to heroin transporting conspiracies.  If you have any kind of drug related charge, give him a call.