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Licensed since 2005, Manuel Russ has been practicing criminal defense in the greater Nashville area for the past decade. Mr. Russ has extensive trial and courtroom experience in all areas of criminal law including, but not limited to, violent offenses, sexual offenses, drug related crimes, property crimes and driving under the influence. Mr. Russ practices regularly in both State and Federal court and has experience in all counties surrounding Nashville as well as others of greater distance. Mr. Russ has tried over 20 jury trial to verdict and has handled hundreds of hearing of various varieties throughout his career. In addition to his trial court practice, Mr. Russ has also handled several dozen appeals of criminal cases to the Court of Criminal Appeals and has experience in the nuances of the law that can mean the difference between a conviction and a new trial. Mr. Russ' years of practice enable him to bring a steady and client oriented approach to any criminal litigation that you may have.